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Sweet Love Quotes for Girlfriend

You are not fragile or delicate as women like to be portrayed. To me you are strong and there’s nothing more sexy than a strong woman that love me.

Working for money has always left me exhausted because everyone else is doing the same thing. Meeting a good woman gives me a reason to pursue my dreams, that’s unique.

Most men cannot do without their television and football games. I would rather sit with a woman who can hold a brilliant conversation over a bottle of wine.

We might not have a house full of expensive furniture but finding a loving mother for my children is all the beauty any man could ever desire.

My wallet has been able to serve me in so many places, I just have to pay for things I want. With the woman I love, money becomes useless because she’s just too expensive.

Every time I meet a lady who is so eager to tear off her clothes to give me her body, I remember the woman who ripped open her body to give me her heart.

 Making a man sleep with you is not as hard as making him wake up by your side. The right woman makes you do both perfectly well.

Fighting for a man is not your job, your job is to be so impressively valuable to your man that he would be willing to fight for you every day of his life.

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