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Super romantic love quotes for her

I have almost gotten used to my boring daily routines till I met you. You are the best part of my day, and I feel like the luckiest man alive.

Only few people have ever said the words “I love you” to me, you are the most important of them all. You make me feel like I have more than enough love to last me for a lifetime.

Quitting has always been easy for me. Yet anytime I want to quit loving you, it feels like the most complex quadratic equation in the world.

It might be hard for some men to be faithful but with the right woman, it comes naturally. You just can’t bear the thought of hurting the one you love.

Walking by the jewellery store has not been more exciting. Now every shining gold I see has your face on it, your love keeps me coming back.

 If I were a celebrity and had to give an opening remark about how beautiful the world is, I would dedicate half of the speech to talking about you.

 The world is full of thorns but you are a like a tender rose. loving you fills my life with a beautiful fragrance and I cannot stop even if I tried.

 I wish we could take a vacation to the beach, close to the seaside. There’s so much about the flowing water that reminds me of you.

Last I heard a Jazz band, the sound of their harmony registered your name. Every note made your name sound like a part of the music in my head.

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