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25 Interesting facts about bras you should know

Interesting facts about bras you should know, Bras are peculiar contraptions: It could be argued that they’re used for forcing women to fit societal beauty ideals, or that they’re wonderful inventions that make being active a breeze. Whether you love them or hate them, there are some bra facts everyone should know about before deciding on whether to go boob loose and bra free, or invest in a collection of bras to suit all occasions.

 According to a research study by France’s University of Franche-Comté, featured in an article by StyleCaster, “…bras do the same work as breast ligaments, which can reduce their effectiveness. In other words, wearing a bra can make your boobs lazy, which then makes them more likely to sag.” This means there’s hope yet for us gals who enjoy going braless.

Of course, anyone can wear a bra, not just women. So here are some facts all bras wearers should consider.

Interesting facts about bras you should know

Bras Are Not A Necessity For Anyone

If you’ve had enough of bras, there’s no need to feel pressured into wearing them. Societal “norms” can go to hell because you should feel free to wear (or not wear) whatever you like. Going braless is for everyone, including gals with a larger bust. There are some handy hacks out there that can help those with a bigger bust go braless. Do what’s right for you and your body and ignore everything else.

You Could Be Wearing The Wrong Size Bra

According to The Independent, lingerie expert and head of Rigby & Peller June Kenton told, “About 85 percent of women are wearing the wrong size, and haven’t got any idea how to deal with it.” To discover if your bra size is correct, try taking a bra size quiz to shine more light on what’s going wrong and book yourself an appointment with a professional bra fitter in an establishment that you trust.

3 Important Facts About Bras

Interesting facts about bras you should know

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Interesting facts about bras you should know

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Your Bras Size Can Fluctuate Between Stores

A few years ago, when I was much more concerned about how small my boobs were, I was over the moon to discover I had gone up a whole cup size when I got measured in a store I’d never visited before. However, I had a rude awakening when I found I was still the same size as before when I shopped elsewhere. A journalist writing for The Daily Mail also had the same trouble with fluctuating bra sizes across a range of stores in the U.K. Be prepared that this may happen to you if you venture outside of your favorite lingerie stores.

Underwired Bras Do Not Cause Breast Cancer

According to new research – and contrary to popular belief from about a decade ago – wearing a bra, underwired or otherwise, does not cause breast cancer. Dr. Sally Norton, a NHS consultant, discussed the facts about breast cancer with The Daily Mail. When asked if underwired bras cause breast cancer Dr. Norton said, “No. This is a myth that has been started and perpetuated by some poor scientific studies that have since been robustly proven wrong.” So you can be worry-free and wear any style of bra that tickles your fancy, including underwired bras.

Unusual facts about bras

There are no shortcuts or quick automatic solutions when manufacturing bras. Sewing a single bra may involve 35 pieces, 60 seams, 65 moments. Around 10 seamstresses work closely together to make this happen.  

A standard underwired bra is made of 35 individual pieces. And since a single model may be offered in 75 different sizes, that means that approximately 2400 pieces need to be drawn and size graded. At Miss Mary we do this process by hand.  

The first patented bra design was made of 2 silk handkerchiefs and a pink ribbon by a New York socialite Mary Polly Jacobs to wear with an outfit at a party when she didn’t want to wear a corset.  

The first padded cup was created by Frederick of Hollywood in the 40s. They were the ones who also produced the first push-up bra.

There was a bra designed to break apart into 2 gas masks if an emergency arose

Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit was made by a bra manufacturer Playtex. 

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Interesting facts about bras you should know
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Wrap a tape measure snugly around your body and below your bust. After breathing out, take your measurement. If it’s an even number that is your band size, but if it’s an odd number, round up to the closest even number.

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Mind-Blowing Bras Facts That You Didn’t Know

Some bras, such as PrimaDonna brand bras, are composed of 40+ pieces and require a very technical assembly.

The largest bra ever made was created for World Cancer Day. The finished bra weighed 90kg and covered 375 square meters!

The world’s most expensive bra is the Heavenly Star Bra, created by Victoria’s Secret in 2001. It is worth $12.5 million USD and boasts 1,200 pink sapphires and a 90-carat diamond.

Bras and bra-like garments date back to the 14th century BC. Female athletes in the Minoan civilization used them while they competed!

In 1968, women decided they didn’t like bras because they were “instruments of female torture” and they threatened to burn them! Unfortunately for them, the police wouldn’t allow that, so they had to settle for tossing them in trash cans.

Amazing Bras Facts That You Didn’t Know

The worlds biggest breast augmentation is a 38KKK.

he left breast is usually bigger than the right.

There is an NGO that fights for women’s rights to be topless.

1lb how much the average breast weighs.

The most expensive bra in the world is Victoria’s Secret’s $15 million fantasy bra

The first push-up bra was introduced in the 1800’s.

In 2011, there were more than 307,180 breast enhancement surgeries performed in the U.S..

In Hawaii, Texas, Ohio, New York, and Maine it’s legal for women to walk around showing off their breasts, but they can still be picked up on public nuisance laws.

8 stone (112 pounds) largest natural breasts recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records

 According to studies, British women have the largest breasts… 50% wear at least a D cup.

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